Marion D Pope

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Ovariectomized mice were prepared for decidualization with oestrogen and progesterone and arachis oil injected into the uterine lumen. Hormone injections were then stopped and uteri examined at intervals between 31 and 84 h after the last progesterone injection. At 31 and 35 h the stroma showed a normal decidual reaction. Between 45 and 79 h the stroma(More)
Leukaemia inhibitory factor (LIF) and nerve growth factor (NGF) are well characterized regulators of galanin expression. However, LIF knockout mice containing the rat galanin 5' proximal promoter fragment (- 2546 to + 15 bp) driving luciferase responded to axotomy in the same way as control mice. Also, LIF had no effect on reporter gene expression in vitro,(More)
A serum sample from a nontransfused male containing anti-Rh27 and an additional weakly reacting antibody was investigated. One absorption of the serum with RZR1 cells left only anti-Rh27 while repeated absorption with R1R1 cells or autologous cells had no effect. Treatment of the serum with reducing agents destroyed all activity suggesting the antibody was(More)
The nature of the physiological stimulus inducing decidualization in the endometrium is unknown. In this study we attempted to verify a recent report that relaxin can induce decidualization in intact mice primed with a high dose of estradiol valerate (5 micrograms) and a low dose (10 micrograms) of medroxyprogesterone acetate. In our study, neither s.c. nor(More)
Ovariectomized mice were treated with oestrogen and progesterone on a schedule to mimic early pregnancy. Decidualization was induced with oil and uteri were examined at various times after the last progesterone injection. The first morphological change detected in the uterus of decidualized mice following withdrawal of progesterone was infiltration of(More)
Background: Incidental findings of virus-like particles were identified following electron microscopy of tissue-engineered tendon constructs (TETC) derived from equine tenocytes. We set out to determine the nature of these particles, as there are few studies which identify virus in tendons per se, and their presence could have implications for(More)
Oil, carrageenan or saline were injected into the uteri of ovariectomized mice treated with hormones on schedules which would sensitize, partly sensitize or not sensitize the uterus to an intraluminal decidual stimulus. The uterine epithelium was examined histologically at various times over the succeeding 5 h. Saline did not produce any morphological(More)
The distribution of mitochondria in pancreatic acinar cells was investigated using confocal fluorescence microscopy and transmission electron microscopy (EM). Acinar cells were studied either after enzymatic isolation or in small segments of undisassociated pancreatic tissue. Loading of isolated acinar cells with Mito Tracker Green or Red, a fluorescence(More)
The relationship between mitosis, ovarian hormones, decidual stimuli and decidualization was investigated using progestagen-treated ovariectomized mice. Oestradiol, or the intraluminal instillation of oil or saline, all stimulated stromal mitosis. When oil or saline was instilled following oestradiol, the response depended on the dose of oestradiol, the(More)
Polymorphonuclear leucocytes (polymorphs) were found in the endometrial stroma adjacent to implanting blastocysts approximately 100 h after mating. Areas of uterus not containing a blastocyst had very few polymorphs. Ovariectomized mice were treated with hormones to render them sensitive to a decidual stimulus, the intraluminal injection of arachis oil.(More)