Marion D Guillou

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G lobal agriculture must produce more food to feed a growing population. Yet scientific assessments point to climate change as a growing threat to agricultural yields and food security ( 1– 4). Recent droughts and fl oods in the Horn of Africa, Russia, Pakistan, and Australia affected food production and prices. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(More)
To adapt to climate change and ensure food security, major interventions are required to transform current patterns and practices of food production, distribution and consumption. The scientific community has an essential role to play in informing concurrent, strategic investments to establish climate-resilient agricultural production systems, minimize(More)
The activity of pro-oxytocin/neurophysin (pro-OT/Np)-processing enzymes was determined in human granulosa cells, follicular fluids and purified secretory granules of corpora lutea. We detected the presence of an endoprotease which releases OT-Gly10-Lys11-Arg12 on cleavage of the synthetic pro-OT/Np(1-20) peptide after the dibasic Lys11-Arg12 doublet. This(More)
Human granulosa cells synthesize and secrete the oxytocin hormone. We have already shown that oxytocin-Gly, the last post-translational maturation intermediate of pro-hormone, is largely secreted by cultured granulosa cells deprived of ascorbate (Plevrakis et al. (1990) J. Endocrinol. 124, R5-R8). Using a combination of high performance liquid(More)
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