Marion Coulon

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PURPOSE Studies were initiated to examine the effect of formulation and process variables on the delamination process and also the influence of the glass manufacturing process, supplier, and glass surface treatment. METHODS Stress testing was performed by exposing filled vials to multiple sterilization cycles followed by accelerated stability testing.(More)
Breeding decisions in birds involve both mate and nest choice, and there is increasing evidence that social influences may modulate individual choices. Female preferences may be affected by other females' preferences and mutual choice cannot always be excluded, which makes the whole pattern more complex than assumed by most sexual selection models. Social(More)
Deuterium δD isotopic analysis is increasingly being used to trace wildlife movement, and undoubtedly has much to offer in this respect, but questions still remain as to the feasibility and practicality of the method in ecology. Here we report our attempt to determine the geographic origin of an auxiliary hoverfly, Episyrphus balteatus, in south-western(More)
Crop protection against insect pests requires first a good knowledge of the biology and ecology of the different pest species and the associated beneficials, in particular the spatial distribution of the populations. But the movement of insect populations in the landscape remains often poorly known and in some cases does not make it possible to know the(More)
The aim of the present study was to investigate the effects of video presentations of natural landscapes on European starlings' (Sturnus vulgaris) stereotypic behaviours (SBs) and other abnormal repetitive behaviours (ARBs) and to evaluate the impact of past experience by comparing wild-caught and hand-reared starlings' reactions. Ten wild-caught and five(More)