Marion Candau

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A Rusitec semi-continuous flow fermentor was used to study the influence of enzyme pretreatment of food substrates on the fermentation profile over a 2-week period following inoculation with rabbit caecal contents. Three types of substrate were examined: 1) homogenized commercial rabbit feed; 2) the solid remains of this feed after digestion with(More)
In the unanesthetized rabbit, intraluminal infusions of D- and L-methionine, L-tryptophan, D-glucose, D-xylose, and lactulose had a biphasic effect on small intestinal myoelectric activity. A phase of enhanced activity was followed by a phase of inhibition. The excitatory phase was mimicked by saline solutions equiosmolar to the test solutions. The(More)
Twelve-week-old Landes male geese were overfed with corn for 21 d in order to induce liver steatosis (fatty liver). Lipid composition of hepatocyte plasma membranes from fatty livers was compared to that of lean livers obtained from geese fed a normal diet. The ratio cholesterol/phospholipids was higher in fatty hepatocyte plasma membranes (0.63 vs. 0.47),(More)
Two groups of Merino sheep (with or without rumen fistulae) were used to study the effect of feeding maize-silage (compared to hay) on: thiamine concentrations in rumen fluid, tissues and organ; blood transketolase activity; microbial fermentation in the rumen. After sheep were transferred from a hay diet to maize-silage, thiamine concentrations in ruminal(More)