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A Rusitec semi-continuous flow fermentor was used to study the influence of enzyme pretreatment of food substrates on the fermentation profile over a 2-week period following inoculation with rabbit caecal contents. Three types of substrate were examined: 1) homogenized commercial rabbit feed; 2) the solid remains of this feed after digestion with(More)
In the unanesthetized rabbit, intraluminal infusions of D- and L-methionine, L-tryptophan, D-glucose, D-xylose, and lactulose had a biphasic effect on small intestinal myoelectric activity. A phase of enhanced activity was followed by a phase of inhibition. The excitatory phase was mimicked by saline solutions equiosmolar to the test solutions. The(More)
Twelve-week-old Landes male geese were overfed with corn for 21 d in order to induce liver steatosis (fatty liver). Lipid composition of hepatocyte plasma membranes from fatty livers was compared to that of lean livers obtained from geese fed a normal diet. The ratio cholesterol/phospholipids was higher in fatty hepatocyte plasma membranes (0.63 vs. 0.47),(More)
Two batches of male mule ducks were constituted on the basis of the filling state of the crop at slaughter, after being over-fed twice a day for 5 days: no corn in the crop defined 'OV' birds, and corn in the crop defined 'OP' birds. 'OP' animals presented significantly lower daily consumption during the last 3 days of force-feeding. They had a lighter(More)