Marion Caldecott

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In this paper we explore articulatory timing in the glottalised resonant series of St’át’imcets, an Interior Salish language spoken in British Columbia, Canada. We show that while these sounds form a natural class phonologically (van Eijk, 1997), they behave as two distinct classes phonetically: [-sonorant] segments /Œ ¶/ are systematically pre-glottalised.(More)
Rigsby (1986) states translaryngeal harmony is observed in Gitksan. But the data I obtained from Eastern Gitksan consultants suggests that it is not just translaryngeal: nonhigh vowels in the stem can be copied onto the pronominal suffix across not only a glottal stop but also a uvular consonant. The discrepancy between these two observations can be seen as(More)
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