Marion Behrens

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Optimizing energy usage in buildings requires global models that integrate multiple factors contributing to energy, such as lighting , " Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning " (HVAC), security, etc. Model transformation methods can then use these global models to generate application-focused code, such as diagnostics or control code. In this paper we(More)
Human deep sleep is characterized by reduced sensory activity, responsiveness to stimuli, and conscious awareness. Given its ubiquity and reversible nature, it represents an attractive paradigm to study the neural changes which accompany the loss of consciousness in humans. In particular, the deepest stages of sleep can serve as an empirical test for the(More)
OBJECTIVES Fatigue is a common symptom in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, even early in the disease, but the pathophysiology remains unclear. We aimed to determine morphologic and microstructural correlates and neuropsychological parameters of cognitive fatigue in early relapsing-remitting MS patients. METHODS Seventy-nine early relapsing-remitting MS(More)
This paper presents the principles of concept-driven engineering and the Concept-Manager tool as an implementation of these principles. Concept-Driven Engineering is capable of eleminating inconsistencies and redundancy that occurr within projects, i.e. in the software-development process to increase quality, decrease time to market, and increase(More)
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