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The authors describe an active 3D object recognition system that can learn complex 3D objects completely unsupervised and that can recognize previously learnt objects from different views. First a decision of which is the best next view is taken. The system developed for this task is an iterative active perception system that executes the acquisition of(More)
In this paper we present a non-invasive method for extracting facial expression components from video sequences. We propose a contextual analysis of user state and guide appropriate system actuation. The approach proposed hereafter combines the advantages of MPEG-4 and an active contour model to extract the contours of the facial objects such as: eyes,(More)
In this paper, the application of CNN associative memories for 3D object recognition is presented. The main idea is to analyse the optical flow in an image sequence of an object. Several features of the optical flow between two succeeding images are calculated and merged to a time series of features for the whole image sequence. These features show several(More)
The Cellular Neural Networks (CNN) model consist of many parallel analog processors computing in real time. CNN is nowadays a paradigm of cellular analog programmable multidimensional processor array with distributed local logic and memory. One desirable feature is that these processors are arranged in a two dimensional grid and have only local connections.(More)
We review a number of applications of computational intelligence to problems in bioinformatics and computational biology, including gene expression, gene selection, cancer classification, protein function prediction, multiple sequence alignment, and DNA fragment assembly. We discuss some representative methods to provide inspiring examples to illustrate how(More)
In many medical image segmentation applications identifying and extracting the region of interest (ROI) accurately is an important step. The usual approach to extract ROI is to apply image segmentation methods. In this paper, we focus on extracting ROI by segmentation based on visual attended locations. Chan-Vese active contour model is used for image(More)