Marioara F Ciuculescu

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Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) are localized within specialized microenvironments throughout the BM. Nestin-expressing (Nestin(+)) mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) are important in the perivascular space. Rac is critical for MSC cell shape in vitro, whereas its function in MSCs in vivo remains poorly characterized. We hypothesized that deletion of Rac in(More)
Genetic modification of cells using retroviral vectors is the method of choice when the cell population is difficult to transfect and/or requires persistent transgene expression in progeny cells. There are innumerable potential applications for these procedures in laboratory research and clinical therapeutic interventions. One paradigmatic example is the(More)
RhoH is a haematopoietic -specific, GTPase-deficient Rho GTPase that plays an essential role in T lymphocyte development and haematopoietic cell migration. RhoH is known to interact with ZAP70 in T cell receptor (TCR) signaling and antagonize Rac GTPase activity. To further elucidate the molecular mechanisms of RhoH in T cell function, we carried out in(More)
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