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Camcording a screen is a common and easy way for a pirate to capture a protected video and circumvent any cryptography-based protection system like DRM. Therefore, antipiracy methods like watermarking should be robust to this type of attack. One effect very often encountered is the flicker effect: image luminance varies periodically along the video, and(More)
In this report we show that Drosophila melanogaster muscles contain the standard form of the thick filament protein paramyosin, as well as a novel paramyosin isoform, which we call miniparamyosin. We have isolated Drosophila paramyosin using previously established methods. This protein is approximately 105 kD and cross-reacts with polyclonal antibodies made(More)
In this industrial exhibit, Technicolor will showcase various technologies developed to protect digital audio-visual material all along the media value chain, from production to distribution, including forensics services in case pirated content is detected. The exhibit will be organized around Technicolor's proprietary technologies in video fingerprinting(More)
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