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This paper addresses the problem of multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) frequency nonselective channel estimation. We develop a new method for multiple variable regression estimation based on Support Vector Machines (SVMs): a state-of-the-art technique within the machine learning community for regression estimation. We show how this new method, which we(More)
This paper presents a new approach to auto-regressive and moving average (ARMA) modeling based on the support vector method (SVM) for identification applications. A statistical analysis of the characteristics of the proposed method is carried out. An analytical relationship between residuals and SVM-ARMA coefficients allows the linking of the fundamentals(More)
This paper presents, as a case study, the application of a two-phase heuristic evolutionary algorithm to obtain personalized timetables in a Spanish university. The algorithm consists of a two-phase heuristic, which, starting from an initial ordering of the students, allocates students into groups, taking into account the student's preferences as a primal(More)
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