Mario Winterer

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The appropriate fulfillment of quality requirements of Web-based systems is essential for the success on the World Wide Web. Thus, in contrast to conventional software testing, where the focus is mainly on functionality, a wide range of quality issues are of utmost importance in testing Web-based systems. In this work, we present a systematic approach to(More)
In this paper we discuss challenges in testing multi-touch user interfaces. We report on our experiences with testing multi-touch UIs in context of industrial software applications for machinery control. For this purpose we developed a reusable capture/replay approach for recording multi-touch gestures. The tool support is used to establish a gesture(More)
Effective multitouch interaction does not reduce itself to a simple tracking of five fingers, there are several emerging effects that could prevent intuitive interaction in industrial appliances. This use-case describes practical challenges that were documented during the design and implementation of a holistic user interaction design in the domain of(More)
Visualization software plays a major role in controlling and monitoring production machines and facilities. In recent years these software systems have undergone major changes in terms of flexibility, user interaction and large scale enterprise integration capabilities. While traditional machine control systems tend to operate in isolation, modern(More)
User interfaces of modern industrial automation systems are required to provide similar user experience as known from mass market consumer devices like smartphones. They need to support an increasing amount of dynamic visualizations as well as multi-touch interactions and screen gestures. However, the rich visualization frameworks that are applied and the(More)
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