Mario Wiltsche

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This paper presents an efficient color blob segmentation concept, which combines an ordering relationship based on analyzing Bhattacharyya distances with a modified version of the maximally stable extremal region (MSER) detector. After definition of the region-of-interest by a one-time user input, connected regions are detected within the input image with(More)
This paper describes a novel prototype for automated digitization of the three-dimensional paper structure. The concept is based on a light microscope which is rigidly attached to a microtome. The microscope can be moved in all three directions of space with high accuracy in order to be able to digitize large samples with high spatial resolution. All(More)
A better understanding of paper properties requires a detailed knowledge about the spatial arrangement of its constituent materials in its structure. This paper presents a novel approach for the analysis of the three-dimensional paper structure at the fibre level. A technique combining a rotary microtome and an optical microscopy was developed allowing(More)
This paper introduces a novel concept for digitizing the 3D paper structure, based on a fully automated microtomy process and light microscopy. The concept offers both, a high spatial resolution and a large sample size. Image analysis algorithms for creation of an accurate and detailed digital representation of the 3D paper structure are described. This(More)
A novel method for digitization of paper structure, based on automated microtomy combined with optical microscopy, is presented. The concept is capable of obtaining digitized 3D paper structure data for sample areas in the range of several square millimeters within a time range of several hours. Individual fibers are tracked through the 3D fiber network(More)
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