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Preselection of high and low ovulatory responders in sheep multiple ovulation and embryo transfer programs.
The present study evaluated the feasibility of carrying out an easy-to-handle and cost-efficient test for the preselection of high- and low-ovulatory responder ewes under superovulatory protocols.Expand
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Role of Gap Junctions and Hemichannels in Parasitic Infections
In vertebrates, connexins (Cxs) and pannexins (Panxs) are proteins that form gap junction channels and/or hemichannels located at cell-cell interfaces and cell surface, respectively. Similar channelExpand
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Heterophilic antibodies in sera from individuals without loxoscelism cross-react with phospholipase D from the venom of Loxosceles and Sicarius spiders
BackgroundLoxoscelism is a severe human envenomation caused by Loxosceles spider venom. To the best of our knowledge, no study has evaluated the presence of antibodies against Loxosceles venom inExpand
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