Mario Schuster

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It is becoming apparent that severe stress leads to a reduction in 19C-steroid production in the adrenals of humans. Based on the finding in a prior study of high levels of cortisol (F) and subnormal levels of dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DS) in umbilical cord serum of newborns having congenital syphilis, we sought to investigate adrenal function in(More)
PURPOSE To compare insulin administration using premixed insulin (70% NPH/30% Regular) by an injectable pen with traditional self-mixed insulin administered by syringe. METHODS In this study, 93 women were enrolled into four groups.: 1) self-mixed/syringe, 2) premixed/syringe, 3) self-mixed/pen, and 4) premixed/pen. RESULTS Women in the premixed pen(More)
AutHoNe [1] is a BMBF (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research) funded project that started in October 2007 with a planned duration of 36 month. Partners are Fraunhofer FOKUS, Hirschmann AC, Siemens CT, and TU Munich (at project start University of Tübingen). The project is being carried out as part of the CELTIC cluster within the EUREKA(More)
—Humans are lazy. They want to get as much support and assistance in their daily life as possible. To provide sophisticated digital butler functionality a system has to monitor the humans and their environment to understand their desires. It has to control all devices to translate the deduced wills into actions. To provide an integrated intelligent(More)
This demonstrattion presents the ongoing development of a framework for a global wireless sensor / actuator network (GWSAN). This GWSAN is formed through the interconnection of about 10 WSAN testbeds currently mainly located in Asia and Europe. GWSANs are one of the enabler for the Internet of Things and thus the Web of Things. Similar to the beginning of(More)
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