Mario Sandoval

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We study the free diffusion in two dimensions of active Brownian swimmers subject to passive fluctuations on the translational motion and to active fluctuations on the rotational one. The Smoluchowski equation is derived from a Langevin-like model of active swimmers and analytically solved in the long-time regime for arbitrary values of the Péclet number;(More)
We theoretically find the effect of confinement and thermal fluctuations on the diffusivity of a spherical active swimmer moving inside a two-dimensional narrow cavity of general shape. The explicit formulas for the effective diffusion coefficient of a swimmer moving inside two particular cavities are presented. We also compare our analytical results with(More)
We study the two- and three-dimensional dynamics of a Brownian self-driven particle at low Reynolds number in a Poiseuille flow. A deterministic analysis is also performed and we find that under certain conditions the swimmer becomes trapped, thus performing closed orbits as observed in related experiments. Further analysis enables us to provide an analytic(More)
We present the dynamics of overdamped Brownian self-propelled particles moving on the surface of a sphere. The effect of self-propulsion on the diffusion of these particles is elucidated by determining their angular (azimuthal and polar) mean-square displacement. Short- and long-times analytical expressions for their angular mean-square displacement are(More)
We study the two-dimensional Brownian dynamics of an ellipsoidal paramagnetic microswimmer moving at a low Reynolds number and subject to a magnetic field. Its corresponding mean-square displacement, showing the effect of a particles's shape, activity, and magnetic field on the microswimmer's diffusion, is analytically obtained. Comparison between(More)
The motion of viruses and bacteria and even synthetic microswimmers can be affected by thermal fluctuations and by external flows. In this work, we study the effect of linear external flows and thermal fluctuations on the diffusion of those swimmers modeled as spherical active (self-propelled) particles moving in two dimensions. General formulae for their(More)
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