Mario Salvetti

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We consider two natural embeddings between Artin groups: the group GÃn−1 of type Ãn−1 embeds into the group GBn of type Bn ; GBn in turn embeds into the classical braid group Brn+1 := GAn of type An . The cohomologies of these groups are related, by standard results, in a precise way. By using techniques developed in previous papers, we give precise(More)
First we remark that the cellular complex constructed by Salvetti (1994) can be considered as a 'topological' invariant of a graph, so its cohomology is also an invariant. We use the construction of Salvetti (1994) to calculate the cohomology of the Artin group associated to the complete graph Kn, using coefficients in a local system over Z[q, qt]. The(More)
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