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The growth of ferret preimplantation blastocysts in vivo, collected between 156 and 240 hr post coitum, was investigated. A technique, combining immunosurgery and differential fluorochrome staining, was used to discriminate between inner cell mass (ICM) and trophectoderm (TE) cells. Using the stains propidium iodide and bisbenzimide (Hoechst 33342), the ICM(More)
Electrophysiologic interactions between claustrum and motor cortex neurons were investigated in the cat. A total of 136 neurons was recorded from the motor cortex in area 4 (90 cells) and in area 6 (46 cells). Ninety-eight of the total neurons were identified as pyramidal tract neurons (PTNs). Stimulation of the claustrum by single shocks or by trains of(More)
The influence of claustrum stimulation on spontaneous unitary activity of the ipsilateral frontal oculomotor area was analyzed in anesthetized cats. Sixty-five neurons were isolated, 37 of which (57%) were identified as projecting to the superior colliculus; on 12 of these last units (32%), electrical activation of the dorsal claustrum provoked an(More)
The existence of stable solitons in two-and three-dimensional (2D and 3D) media governed by the self-focusing cubic nonlinear Schrödinger equation with a periodic potential is demonstrated by means of the variational approximation (VA) and in direct simulations. The potential stabilizes the solitons against collapse. Direct physical realizations are a(More)
For the integrable case of the discrete self-trapping (DST) model we construct a Bäck-lund transformation. The dual Lax matrix and the corresponding dual Bäcklund transformation are also found and studied. The quantum analog of the Bäcklund transformation (Q-operator) is constructed as the trace of a monodromy matrix with an infinite-dimensional auxiliary(More)
We propose several planar layouts of ultra-compact plasmonic modulators that utilize alternative plasmonic materials such as transparent conducting oxides and titanium nitride. The modulation is achieved by tuning the carrier concentration in a transparent conducting oxide layer into and out of the plasmon resonance with an applied electric field. The(More)
The effect of claustrum (CL) stimulation on the spontaneous unitary activity of ipsi and contralateral frontal oculomotor neurons, was studied in chloralose-anaesthetized cats. A total of 205 units was bilaterally recorded in the medial oculomotor area, homologous of the primate "frontal eye fields"; 127 neurons were identified as projecting to the superior(More)
We present a general theory for multidimensional Schrödinger equations with separable Abelian potentials with an arbitrary number of gaps in the spectrum. In particular we derive general equations which allow to express the energy and the wave vectors in the BZ as a function of the spectral parameters. By using the solutions of these equations, we show how(More)
The electrophysiological relationships between the claustrum and the contralateral motor areas of the cerebral cortex were studied in anaesthetized cats. The extracellular unitary activity of 207 pyramidal tract neurons (PTNs) was recorded from area 4 (125 cells) and area 6 (82 cells). Single shock activation of the contralateral claustrum affected 26% of(More)