Mario Sabbatelli

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Autonomous Ground Vehicles designed for dynamic environments require a reliable perception of the real world, in terms of obstacle presence, position and speed. In this paper we present a flexible technique to build, in real time, a dense voxel-based map from a 3D point cloud, able to: (1) discriminate between stationary and moving obstacles; (2) provide an(More)
One of the most important features for any intelligent ground vehicle is based on how is reliable and complete the perception of the environment and the capability to discriminate what an obstacle is. Obstacle Detection (OD) is one of the most widely discussed topics in literature. Many approaches have been presented for different application fields and(More)
This paper presents a monocular algorithm for front and rear vehicle detection, developed as part of the FP7 V-Charge project's perception system. The system is made of an AdaBoost classifier with Haar Features Decision Stump. It processes several virtual perspective images, obtained by un-warping 4 monocular fish-eye cameras mounted all-around an(More)
Autonomous Ground Vehicles designed for extreme environments (e.g mining, constructions, defense, exploration applications) require a reliable estimation of terrain traversability, in terms of both terrain slope and obstacles presence. In this paper we present a new technique to build, in real time and only from a 3D points cloud, a dense terrain elevation(More)
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