Mario Russo

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—Object-oriented load flow modeling is presented for both radial and weakly meshed distribution systems. An OO algorithm based on the Newton–Raphson technique is proposed. In the object oriented formulation, some approximations to the full Jaco-bian matrix are introduced. Consequently, a detailed study of the convergence characteristics of the proposed(More)
—Deregulation in electricity markets requires fast and robust optimization tools for a secure and efficient operation of the electric power system. In addition, there is the need of integrating and coordinating operational decisions taken by different utilities acting in the same market. Distributed Energy Management Systems (DEMS) may help to fulfill these(More)
— The evolution of existing distribution systems toward smart grids requires the exploitation of all the capabilities of the new Distributed Generation (DG). To this aim, the present paper addresses the problem of improving the voltage profile regulation in distribution networks with DG. According to a decentralized approach, the set-point of a reactive(More)
BACKGROUND Natural resins were frequently employed as adhesives or as components of oleo-resinous media in paintings in the past. The identification of vegetable resins is still an open problem. The aim of this paper is to analyze by GC-MS some vegetable resins frequently employed in paintings, such as Venice turpentine, dammar, copal, elemi in order to(More)
The paper illustrates the design of a power system voltage control scheme based on the model reference adaptive approach. Firstly, for an assigned operating condition, a power system approximated linear model is build-up which represents the system dynamics as seen from the busbar at which the controller is connected. Then, by imposing a desired reference(More)