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In modern digital ICs, the increasing demand for performance and throughput requires operating frequencies of hundreds of megahertz, and in several cases exceeding the gigahertz range. Following the technology scaling trends, this request will continue to rise, thus increasing the electromagnetic interference (EMI) generated by electronic systems. The(More)
SUMMARY This paper provides an investigation of power distribution network (PDN) performance by a full-wave prediction tool and by experimental measurements. A set of six real boards characterized by increasing complexity is considered in order to establish a solid base for behaviour understanding of printed circuit boards. How the growing complexity(More)
This paper presents the design of a silicon test chip specially conceived to study the noise propagation trough the silicon substrate in order to build up a model to be used in simulating EMC performances -both emission (EME) and immunity (EMI)- and to be able to predict early in advance, before silicon fabrication, EME-EMI characteristics. The chip is(More)
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