Mario Rossini

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BACKGROUND Commercial farming of Caiman crocodilus crocodilus has had an impact on the use of this species for meat consumption and the leather industry. Spectacled Caimans comprise part of the South American plains biodiversity. Misinterpretation of laboratory data is a risk owing to the limited hematologic and serum biochemical values available for this(More)
The Arrau turtle (Podocnemis expansa) is an endangered species, as a result of long-lasting, unsustainable exploitation. To obtain reference haematological values from the wild Podocnemis expansa during post-laying, 20 turtles were captured in the Orinoco River. Blood was obtained from the dorsal cervical sinus in lithium heparin tubes. Red blood cells(More)
Objective. To evaluate the effects of different levels of digestible lysine in diets with high energy density on productive performance and carcass characteristics of finishing pigs. Materials and Methods. Seventy crossbred barrows (initial body weight of 83.36 kg) were used and allotted in a randomized block design with five treatments, seven replications(More)
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