Mario Rodrıguez Ferrero

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Ideally antibiotics should be administered preoperatively within 2 hours of skin incision to ensure adequate tissue concentrations, especially when a vascular prosthesis is used. The quality of patient outcomes may be adversely affected when key processes, by degrees, fail to meet patient care objectives. This study was designed to incorporate the concepts(More)
A " largely theocratic society " (LTS) is defined as one in which the main purpose of government is religious and some coercion is used to serve it. Such societies exist at least in the imagination and discourse of some people. The focus is on LTS in which the major religious roles are assigned-partly on the basis of theological interpretations-to(More)
Political organizations engaged in long-term operations are viewed as firms that sell promises: their output is the expectation of a reorganization of society. Because benefits will accrue to the organization's customers and rewards will be paid out to its workers only if and when the goal is achieved, the workers are volunteers in the sense that they(More)
Despite being the most prevalent nematode infections of man in Western Europe and North America, our knowledge of the genetic variability in Enterobius vermicularis is fragmented. We here report on a genetic study of pinworms in Denmark, performed using the cytochrome oxidase I (cox1) gene, with DNA extracted from individual eggs collected from clinical(More)
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