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The objective of this study was to discover how narrow-band spectral measurements express emotional behavior. Electroencephalographic narrowband absolute and relative spectral powers were calculated for every 1 Hz of frequency from the recordings of 40 healthy male university students during emotional tasks. Sentences evoking positive, negative, and neutral(More)
We address the problem of optimizing recommender systems for multiple relevance objectives that are not necessarily aligned. Specifically, given a recommender system that optimizes for one aspect of relevance, semantic matching (as defined by any notion of similarity between source and target of recommendation; usually trained on CTR), we want to enhance(More)
This study explores visual event-related potentials components in a group of poor readers (PRs) and control children who carried out figure and word categorization tasks. In both tasks, every child had to categorize between animal and non-animal stimuli in an odd-ball GO-GO paradigm. During the word categorization task, PRs presented longer reaction times,(More)
BACKGROUND β-glucans are fungal cell wall components that bind to the C-type lectin-like receptor dectin-1. Polymorphisms of dectin-1 gene are associated with susceptibility to invasive fungal infection and medically refractory ulcerative colitis. The purpose of this study has been addressing the response of human macrophages to β-glucans under different(More)
  • Yolanda Alvarez, Isela Valera, Cristina Municio, Etzel Hugo, Francisco Padrón, Lydia Blanco +3 others
  • 2010
The variable array of pattern receptor expression in different cells of the innate immune system explains the induction of distinct patterns of arachidonic acid (AA) metabolism. Peptidoglycan and mannan were strong stimuli in neutrophils, whereas the fungal extract zymosan was the most potent stimulus in monocyte-derived dendritic cells since it induced the(More)
This paper describes the ViVoLab/CVLab system to provide segments of violent scenes from Hollywood movies and " wild-user " videos from the internet. We propose a system based on a fusion of acoustic features, audio concepts and video features. Our joint audiovisual approach achieves MAP2014 values of 17.81% and 43.03%, for the main task and the(More)
We describe a framework for rapidly prototyping applications which require intelligent visual processing, but for which reliable algorithms do not yet exist, or for which engineering those algorithms is too costly. The framework, CrowdSight, leverages the power of crowdsourcing to offload intelligent processing to humans , and enables new applications to be(More)