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We present the first scientific images obtained with a deformable secondary mirror adaptive optics system. We utilized the 6.5m MMT AO system to produce high-resolution (FWHM=0.07 ′′) near infrared (1.6µm) images of the young (∼ 1 Myr) Orion Trapezium θ 1 Ori cluster members. A combination of high spatial resolution and high signal to noise allowed the(More)
Epicarditis (visceral pericardial inflammation) is a very unique and rare diagnosis. It is almost always associated with parietal pericardial involvement and may occur in medical conditions such as viral, bacterial (mycobacterial) infections and uremia or postoperatively in the setting of cardiac surgery. Frequently, no etiology is found. Most cases are(More)
INTRODUCTION Isolated cases of epicarditis are rare. Thus far, all have occurred with constrictive physiology as most cases involve both parietal and visceral pericardium. We report the first case of asymptomatic epicarditis that involved only the visceral pericardium presenting without constrictive physiology. CASE PRESENTATION A 71-year-old male with a(More)
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