Mario Ramirez Ferrero

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Tritrophic studies involving several populations of the predatory mite Phytoseiulus longipes showed distinct life history traits depending on the prey offered and/or the plant substrate. In order to better understand the biology of this predator, the response to several combinations of prey species (Tetranychus evansi and Tetranychus urticae), prey stages(More)
The spider mites Tetranychus evansi and T. urticae are key pests of tomato crops, for which no sustainable practical control strategy is available yet. A Brazilian (B) and an Argentinean (A) population of a phytoseiid predatory mite species, Phytoseiulus longipes, are able to develop and reproduce on T. evansi on tomato, whereas a Chilean (C) population is(More)
A " largely theocratic society " (LTS) is defined as one in which the main purpose of government is religious and some coercion is used to serve it. Such societies exist at least in the imagination and discourse of some people. The focus is on LTS in which the major religious roles are assigned-partly on the basis of theological interpretations-to(More)
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