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40 Gbit/s signals are simultaneously all-optically demultiplexed and wavelength converted into four 10 Gbit/s channels of individual wavelengths with a penalty below 1.5 dB,using only one monolithically integrated Mach-Zehnder interferometer with semiconductor optical amplifiers.
We present a sequence of magnetic resonance images (MRI) of a patient with cerebellitis, taken from the onset of symptoms until their disappearance 9 months later. The need to perform MRI rather than computed tomography in all patients suspected of having cerebellitis or other posterior fossa lesions is suggested
Fifty-eight patients with acute and chronic pathology of the lower limbs were treated with daily oral doses of 96 mg of mesoglycan, a drug having antithrombotic and fibrinolytic properties. After a 3-months trial both clinical picture and instrumental parameters were found to be improved.
The authors describe a girl affected by dermatomyositis, with a quick and grave evolution, which required urgent tracheostomy to reduce the dysphagic symptoms. During the observation the patient showed psychotic symptoms. After the revision of literature, in which no such complication has ever been described, the authors propose an etiopathogenetic(More)
The authors report 3 cases of myositis ossificans progressiva (MOP) treated with i.v. dichloromethylenbiphosphonic acid. Two of these patients presented a severe development of the disease so that they could not walk anymore. After a few months of treatment with dichloromethylenbiphosphonic acid (300 mg/die for 10 continual days every month) sufficient(More)
Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) was used to study an IUD from an asymptomatic patient with Actinomyces-like organisms on Papanicolaou smear and in whom Actinomyces israelii was determined to be present in cervical smears. The objective was to determine if there were any variations in surface morphology that might be correlated with the Actinomyces-like(More)
We report one case of WS, who came at our first observation at age of eight for mental retardation and congenial cardiopathy of unknown origin. Echocardiography and Doppler examination showed immediately isthmic aortic stenosis, and therefore aortic plastic surgery was performed, with a good post-operative result. The case aroused the interest of the(More)
Authors describe two uncommon cases of infantile mammary duct ectasia (EDM). This disease, first reported in 1983, is characterized by dilatation of the subareolar duct system, and by phlogistic reaction and fibrosis. In the medical literature only 8 cases have been reported, but probably its frequency is undervalued due to the scarce general knowledge of(More)