Mario Porzio

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The supply catenary lines for electric vehicles, and specifically for urban streetcars, may be subject to a series of discontinuities which could determine the power switch-off of the traction converter, due to protections intervention. The proposed system, based on a two-quadrant DC/DC converter, a supercapacitors bank and a suitable control system, can(More)
The increasing complexity of modern ground vehicles is making crucial the role of control for improving energetic efficiency, comfort and performance. At the same time, the control software must be frequently updated in order to let the vehicle respond safely and efficiently within more sophisticated environments and to optimize the operations when new(More)
A high-efficiency high-frequency link inverter design with bi-directional power flow, using a zero-voltage-switching (ZVS) technique is proposed. The considered configuration includes a HF full-bridge inverter, a HF transformer, a 3-phase cycloconverter; Required bidirectional switches have been composed by anti-series IGBT connection. Main advantages of(More)
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