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The effectiveness of the World Health Organization's (WHO) treatment category II regimen for tuberculosis in 124 patients was compared to that of 1147 patients receiving treatment category I in Lima, Peru following WHO's guidelines. Drug susceptibility test was available for 85% of patients. Prevalence of multi drug resistance and streptomycin resistance(More)
This work is a natural companion of [10], where the dynamics of cocycles of isometries of R ℓ over a minimal dynamics (semigroup action) is studied. While [10] is mostly devoted to the case in which the orbits of the fibered (skew) dynamics are bounded (a condition that turns out to be equivalent to the existence of a continuous invariant section), here we(More)
—This paper presents the study of quasi-square waveforms in order to avoid the problem of acoustic resonances in lamps of high intensity discharge. The study consists in the analysis of the electric power waveform, mainly, the study of the effect of the power harmonics generated with the quasi square waveform over the arc discharge of the lamp. The(More)
Spatial autocorrelation is problematic for classical hierarchical cluster detection tests commonly used in multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) analyses as considerable random error can occur. Therefore, when MDRTB clusters are spatially autocorrelated the assumption that the clusters are independently random is invalid. In this research, a product(More)