Mario Piattini

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Business Processes are considered a crucial issue by many enterprises because they are the key to maintain competitiveness. Moreover, business processes are important for software developers, since they can capture from them the necessary requirements for software design and creation. Besides, business process modeling is the center for conducting and(More)
Distributed Software Development (DSD) has recently evolved, resulting in an increase in the available literature. Organizations now have a tendency to make greater development efforts in more attractive zones. The main advantage of this lies in a greater availability of human resources in decentralized zones at less cost. There are, however, some(More)
Although powerful, mutation is a computationally very expensive testing technique. In fact, its three main stages (mutant generation, mutant execution and result analysis) require many resources to be successfully accomplished. Thus, researchers have made important efforts to reduce its costs. This paper represents an additional effort in this sense. It(More)
Small and medium enterprises are a very important cog in the gears of the world economy. The software industry in most countries is composed of an industrial scheme that is made up mainly of small and medium software enterprises—SMEs. To strengthen these types of organizations, efficient Software Engineering practices are needed—practices which have been(More)
Although software measurement plays an increasingly important role in Software Engineering, there is no consensus yet on many of the concepts and terminology used in this field. Even worse, vocabulary conflicts and inconsistencies can be frequently found amongst the many sources and references commonly used by software measurement researchers and(More)
Nowadays, security solutions are mainly focused on providing security defences, instead of solving one of the main reasons for security problems that refers to an appropriate Information Systems (IS) design. In fact, requirements engineering often neglects enough attention to security concerns. In this paper it will be presented a case study of our(More)
It has been a long time since appeared of the Object Oriented (OO) paradigm. From that moment, the designers have accumulated much knowledge in design and construction of OO systems. Patterns are the most refined OO Design Knowledge. However, there are many others kinds of knowledge than not yet classified and formalized. We distinguish and classify the(More)
In recent years, the evolution of Global Software Development (GSD) has grown both rapidly and significantly, and although the efficiency of this new type of development has been proven, some challenging issues must still be confronted. Of all these, our research line is focused on designing the specific training that members of virtual teams must receive.(More)
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to classify the most important metrics proposed for web information systems, with the aim of offering the user a global vision of the state of the research within this area. Design/methodology/approach – WQM distinguishes three dimensions related to web features, lifecycle processes and quality characteristics. A range(More)