Mario Pauli

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In this paper, a high precision 80 GHz radar distance measurement system is presented. It is based on an ultra-wideband SiGe monostatic transceiver chip, which enables a bandwidth of 25.6 GHz around a center frequency of 80 GHz (i.e. 32%). All components besides the silicon radar chip are off-the-shelf electronics, which makes the sensor well-suited for(More)
In production and automation engineering the need for highest precision distance sensors is ubiquitous especially in the field of micro-machining processes where an extremely accurate positioning is indispensable. Although the work pieces become smaller and smaller many machine tools stay big and heavy. The reason for this is that a high precision is(More)
One of the main disturbances in a frequency-modulated continuous wave radar system for range measurement is nonlinearity in the frequency ramp. The intermediate frequency (IF) signal and consequently the target range accuracy are dependent on the type of the nonlinearity present in the frequency ramp. Moreover, the type of frequency ramp nonlinearity cannot(More)
High-accuracy measurement systems are in high demand for industrial applications. Especially in machine tools, range measurement options close to the stage position are required. The main challenge of the measurement technique is the integration into the machine tool concept. In this paper, a novel measurement principle based on radar and on guided waves is(More)
The present paper is focused on the minimization of return loss of a slotted coaxial radiator proposed for a decontamination system for soils contaminated by volatile or semi-volatile organic compounds such as oils or fuels. The antenna upgrade is achieved by coating it with a 5 mm thick Teflon layer. The electromagnetic characteristics reflection(More)
Distance sensing tasks in micromachine tools need to be performed with micrometer accuracy. For such tasks, FMCW radars with a combination of frequency and phase evaluations are a good choice. However, the accuracy cannot be freely increased as there are constraints on the target size and placement imposed by the limited space inside micromachines. This(More)
A highly miniaturized and commercially available millimeter wave (mmw) radar sensor working in the frequency range between 121 and 127 GHz is presented in this paper. It can be used for distance measurements with an accuracy in the single-digit micrometer range. The sensor is based on the frequency modulated continuous wave (CW) radar principle; however, CW(More)