Mario Parisi

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Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS) have been recently used to dissect complex quantitative traits and identify candidate genes affecting phenotype variation of polygenic traits. In order to map loci controlling variation in tomato marketable and nutritional fruit traits, we used a collection of 96 cultivated genotypes, including Italian, Latin American,(More)
Plasma membrane vesicles isolated by two-phase partitioning from the storage root of Beta vulgaris show atypically high water permeability that is equivalent only to those reported for active aquaporins in tonoplast or animal red cells (Pf=542 microm s(-1)). The values were determined from the shrinking kinetics measured by stopped-flow light scattering.(More)
During its evolution and domestication Solanum lycopersicum has undergone various genetic 'bottlenecks' and extreme inbreeding of limited genotypes. In Europe the tomato found a secondary centre for diversification, which resulted in a wide array of fruit shape variation given rise to a range of landraces that have been cultivated for centuries. Landraces(More)
The gravitational-wave (GW) sky may include nearby pointlike sources as well as stochastic backgrounds. We perform two directional searches for persistent GWs using data from the LIGO S5 science run: one optimized for pointlike sources and one for arbitrary extended sources. Finding no evidence to support the detection of GWs, we present 90% confidence(More)
In this work, we derive general conditions to achieve high efficiency cascaded third harmonic generation and three photon parametric down conversion in Kerr nonlinear resonant cavities. We employ the general yet rapid temporal coupled-mode method, previously shown to accurately predict electromagnetic conversion processes in the time domain. In our study,(More)
The use of germplasm as source of resistances to biotic stresses represents an important strategy in pepper in order to improve susceptible cultivars and release new resistant varieties. The study of the relationships among genotypes within germplasm collections is useful for genetic improvement as well as for the management of genetic resources. In the(More)
Water channels (aquaporins) family members have been identified in central nervous system cells. A classic method to measure membrane water permeability and its regulation is to capture and analyse images of Xenopus laevis oocytes expressing them. Laboratories dedicated to the analysis of motion images usually have powerful equipment valued in thousands of(More)
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