Mario Orne Díaz-Anadón

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We propose TBSP, a TDMA protocol for gathering information periodically from multiple data sources to a central location across multiple hops. TBSP incurs a lower overhead than the existing protocols because it only requires the sensor nodes to keep track of their own schedule, whereas in the existing protocols each node needs to know the schedule of its(More)
Multi-hop wireless sensor networks often use a TDMA schedule to collect data periodically from multiple locations within a large area. If the measurements from neighboring sensors are cross-correlated, they can be aggregated and compressed as they travel to the data sink. In order for data aggregation to occur quickly, the TDMA schedule must arrange time(More)
In wireless sensor networks, measurements from neighboring sensor nodes are typically cross-correlated and can be aggregated and compressed locally. This process, referred to as in-network data aggregation, saves a lot of energy by reducing the amount of data that needs to be transferred to the data sink. We consider the problem of using a TDMA schedule in(More)
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