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Page-based virtual memory improves programmer productivity, security, and memory utilization, but incurs performance overheads due to costly page table walks after TLB misses. This overhead can reach 50% for modern workloads that access increasingly vast memory with stagnating TLB sizes. To reduce the overhead of virtual memory, this paper proposes(More)
This paper examines some of the most promising and challenging scenarios in IoT, and shows why current compute and storage models confined to data centers will not be able to meet the requirements of many of the applications foreseen for those scenarios. Our analysis is particularly centered on three interrelated requirements: 1) mobility; 2) reliable(More)
—Current trends in microprocessor architecture design are leading towards a dramatic increase of core-level paral-lelization, wherein a given number of independent processors or cores are interconnected. Since the main bottleneck is foreseen to migrate from computation to communication, efficient and scalable means of inter-core communication are crucial(More)
This paper applies a form of instruction stream interleaving to the problem of high performance real-time systems. Such systems are characterized by high bandwidth, stochastically occurring interrupts as well as high throughput requirements, The DISC computer is based on dynamic interleaving where the next instruction to be executed is dynamically selected(More)
Address translation is fundamental to processor performance. Prior work focused on reducing Translation Lookaside Buffer (TLB) misses to improve performance and energy, whereas we show that even TLB hits consume a significant amount of dynamic energy. To reduce the energy cost of address translation, we first propose Lite, a mechanism that monitors the(More)
The explosive and robust growth of the Internet owes a lot to the "end-to-end principle", which pushes stateful operations to the end-points. The Internet grew both in traffic volume, and in the richness of the applications it supports. The growth also brought along new security issues and network monitoring applications. Edge devices, in particular, tend(More)
The cost of broadcast has been constraining the design of manycore processors and of the algorithms that run upon them. However, as on-chip RF technologies allow the design of small-footprint and high-bandwidth antennas and transceivers, native low-latency (a few clock cycles) and low-power (a few pJ/bit) broadcast support through wireless communication can(More)
In order to gain insight into the earliest pathological changes underlying the development of autoimmune aspermatogenic orchitis (AIAO) the blood-testis barrier was studied by light and electron microscopy, freeze-etching, and cytochemical techniques early (from 1 to 8 days after adjuvant treatment of isoimmunization). At later times (16 to 21 days) the(More)