Mario Mustra

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Breast skin–air interface and pectoral muscle segmentation are usually first steps in all CAD applications on scanned as well as digital mammograms. Breast skin–air interface segmentation is much more difficult task when performed on scanned mammograms than on digital mammograms. In case of pectoral muscle segmentation, segmentation difficulty of analog and(More)
This paper presents a review of recent advances in the development of methods for segmentation of the breast boundary and the pectoral muscle in mammograms. Regardless of improvement of imaging technology, accurate segmentation of the breast boundary and detection of the pectoral muscle are still challenging tasks for image processing algorithms. In this(More)
Breast tissue segmentation into dense and fat tissue is important for determining the breast density in mammograms. Knowing the breast density is important both in diagnostic and computer-aided detection applications. There are many different ways to express the density of a breast and good quality segmentation should provide the possibility to perform(More)
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