Mario Moroni

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Buried wood (BW: downed deadwood buried more than 50% by soil, litter, or ground vegetation) is a common but understudied part of forest ecosystems. We reviewed the literature and conducted a meta-analysis of BW that included new data from Australia, Belarus, Canada, Germany, Japan, Norway, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, the USA, and Wales. Buried wood occurred(More)
We report the results of XMM-Newton and BeppoSAX observations of the radio and X–ray emitting star LS I +61 303, likely associated with the gamma-ray source 2CG 135+01 and recently detected also at TeV energies. The data include a long XMM-Newton pointing carried out in January 2005, which provides the deepest look ever obtained for this object in the(More)
In August 2002, XMM-Newton devoted two full orbits to the observation of 1E 1207.4–5209 , making this isolated neutron star the most deeply scrutinized galactic target of the mission. Thanks to the high throughput of the EPIC instrument , ∼ 360,000 photons were collected from the source, allowing for a very sensitive study of the temporal and spectral(More)
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