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Information System Engineering has made the assumption that an Information System is supposed to capture some excerpt of the real world history and hence has concentrated on systems modelling. Very little attention has been paid to the conceptual modelling process. However the emphasis on system modelling is shifting to process modelling. The particular(More)
OBJECTIVES This study analysed the frequency of anterior uveitis (AU) and its correlations in a large cohort of patients with spondyloarthritis (SpA). METHODS A common protocol of investigation was prospectively applied to 2012 SpA patients in 85 centres from 10 Ibero-American countries. Clinical and demographic variables and disease indexes were(More)
There are very few reports in the literature to guide treatment for patients with racemic neurocysticercosis with direct compression of the optic nerves leading to vision loss. Although the current approach to a patient with sudden neurologic decline with a large mass lesion is surgical decompression, we present a case of a patient who improved with(More)
INTRODUCTION Intracranial fat migration following autologous fat graft and placement of a lumbar drain for cerebrospinal fluid leak after pineal cyst resection surgery has not been previously reported. CASE PRESENTATION The authors present a case of a 39-year-old male with a history of headaches who presented for removal of a pineal cyst from the pineal(More)
Dry plasma etching is a promising technique for crystalline silicon surface texturing aimed at improving solar cell efficiencies by reducing incident light reflection and backscattering at the cell front surface. In this work we present a new optical characterization technique for textured surfaces based on a Mueller polarimeter coupled with a high(More)
Hybrid energy harvesting system combining multiple sources is an alternative solution to harvest energy continuously and to increase the output power to bias the electronic systems. In this work is presented a prototype for harvesting energy, which combined three different sources. It contains a piezoelectric cantilever based on Lead-Zirconate Titanate(More)
Electrocardiograph signals (ECG) are one of the most important parameters used for monitoring the human physiological state. Nowadays, the research works using fabric conductive textiles for ECG are focusing on reliable and wearable systems. However, a complete characterization of textile electrodes is required to integrate it in standard clothing.(More)
Microbes drive ecosystem functioning and their viruses modulate these impacts through mortality, gene transfer and metabolic reprogramming. Despite the importance of virus-host interactions and likely variable infection efficiencies of individual phages across hosts, such variability is seldom quantified. Here, we quantify infection efficiencies of 38(More)
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