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Optimal crop choice and fertilizer applications depend on the stochastic dynamics of commodity prices, fertilizer prices, and the agronomic e↵ects of rotation versus monoculture. The e cient decision rule accounts for real option values associated with maintaining land disposition in an environment with highly uncertain future prices and irreversible past(More)
The overall objective of this work is to evaluate the ability of homing and docking an unmanned underwater vehicle (Hydroid REMUS 100 UUV) to a moving unmanned surface vehicle (Wave-Adaptive Modular Surface Vehicle USV) using a Hydroid Digital Ultra-Short Baseline (DUSBL) acoustic positioning system (APS), as a primary navigation source. An understanding of(More)
– In this work we have reconsidered the famous paper of Bombieri, De Giorgi and Giusti [4] and, thanks to the software Mathematicar we made it possible for anybody to control the difficult computations. 1. – Introduction On April 27th, 1978, Guido Stampacchia died in Paris. His coffin arrived to Pisa for the Adieu Ceremonial, in the Courtyard of Scuola(More)
Poor households try to save and to borrow to smooth consumption in the face of low and uncertain streams of income. They are constrained by credit limits and by the spread between the price paid for loans (borrowing) and the price earned for deposits (saving). Models of household choices that include all these facts are intractable. I use orthogonal(More)
It is widely believed that the rising incidence of venereal diseases (especially syphilis and gonorrhea) observed in numerous countries over the past decade is likely to continue in coming years. This line of thought has encouraged health administrators to plan and implement measures that will broaden our knowledge of this problem and lead to more effective(More)
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