Mario Mignini-Renzini

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Oocytes from medium-sized antral follicles have already completed their growth phase and, if released from the follicular environment and cultured in vitro, are able to resume the meiotic process and mature. However, in vitro maturation (IVM) does not entirely support all the nuclear and cytoplasmic changes that occur physiologically as an effect of the(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of the present randomised controlled non-inferiority trial is to test whether in women with compromised ovarian reserve requiring in vitro fertilisation, a protocol of ovarian stimulation using exclusively clomiphene citrate performs similarly to a regimen with high doses of gonadotropins. METHODS Women with day 3 serum FSH > 12 IU/ml(More)
18 males with beta-thalassaemia major were studied; mean age was 17.6 flAF 4.3, 8 of 18 males evaluated were prepubertal (Tanner 1), 5 were early and mid pubertal (Tanner 2-3) and 5 were full pubertal (Tanner 5). All patients (pts) underwent GnRH test and 61% showed positive response. 8 pts. were treated with hCG; 2 were azoospermic, 6 were aspermic. The(More)
The aim of the study is to evaluate the results of tests performed in "infertile" couples that have obtained spontaneous pregnancy. 953 couples were studied from 1986 to 1991; 108 spontaneous pregnancies occurred (11.1%). All patients were evaluated according to standard procedures recommended by literature. "Female factor" as cause of infertility was(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the operative and postoperative course in patients undergoing laparoscopy for dermoid cyst to that observed in subjects with other types of ovarian masses and of patients undergoing laparotomy for teratomas. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective analysis. From 1994 to 1996, 49 women underwent laparoscopic cystectomy for dermoid cysts. The(More)
Differences in cumulus cell gene expression after oocyte maturation in vitro (IVM) or in vivo have been described in previous studies. However, the possible impact of follicle stage on gene expression deregulation during human oocyte IVM remains unknown. Expression of selected genes of interest was compared in cumulus cell of three classes of human cumulus(More)
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