Mario Mascalchi

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PURPOSE To investigate whether diffusion-weighted and magnetization transfer (MT) magnetic resonance (MR) imaging depict regional and/or global brain abnormalities in patients with Huntington disease (HD). MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty-one carriers of the HD mutation (mean age, 58 years +/- 11 [SD]) and 21 healthy control subjects (mean age, 54 years +/-(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Neuropathological examination in Friedreich ataxia (FRDA) reveals neuronal loss in the gray matter (GM) nuclei and degeneration of the white matter (WM) tracts in the spinal cord, brainstem and cerebellum, while the cerebral hemispheres are substantially spared. Tract-based spatial statistics (TBSS) enables an unbiased whole-brain(More)
In patients with ALS, conventional MR imaging is frequently noninformative, and its use has been restricted to excluding other conditions that can mimic ALS. Conversely, the extensive application of modern MR imaging-based techniques to the study of ALS has undoubtedly improved our understanding of disease pathophysiology and is likely to have a role in the(More)
INTRODUCTION Recruitment and nodule management are critical issues of lung cancer screening with low-dose computed tomography (LDCT). We report subjects' compliance and results of LDCT screening and management protocol in the active arm of the ITALUNG trial. METHODS Three thousand two hundred six smokers or former smokers invited by mail were randomized(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE HD entails damage of the WM. Our aim was to explore in vivo the regional volume and microstructure of the brain WM in HD and to correlate such findings with clinical status of the patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fifteen HD gene carriers in different clinical stages of the disease and 15 healthy controls were studied with T1-weighted(More)
Magnetic resonance (MR) techniques enable in vivo measurement of the atrophy of the brainstem and cerebellum in spinocerebellar ataxia type 1 (SCA1) and 2 (SCA2) patients, which is accompanied by a decrease in the concentration of N-acetyl aspartate (NAA) or of the NAA/creatine ratio in the pons and cerebellum. Mean diffusivity (D) is emerging as an(More)
BACKGROUND Results of randomized clinical trials (RCTs) are needed to assess the efficacy of lung cancer screening with low-dose chest computed tomography (CT) in reducing lung cancer mortality. We report design and results of enrolment and baseline screening test in the ITALUNG trial, a RCT. METHODS Invitation letters were sent to subjects of 55-69 years(More)
PURPOSE To prospectively evaluate airway wall thickness and lung attenuation at spirometrically gated thin-section computed tomography (CT) in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and to correlate gated CT findings with pulmonary function test (PFT) results. MATERIALS AND METHODS The ethical committee approved the study, and all(More)
A review of 4,500 angiograms yielded 11 patients with dissection of the vertebral arteries who had MRI and (in 4 patients) MR angiography (MRA) in the acute phase of stroke. One patient with incidental discovery at arteriography of asymptomatic vertebral artery dissection and two patients with acute strokes with MRI and MRA findings consistent with(More)
BACKGROUND To ascertain if analysis of lung density histograms in thin-section CT was more reproducible than visual assessment of lung changes in systemic sclerosis (SSc), and if such density histogram parameters as mean lung attenuation (MLA), skewness, and kurtosis could more closely reflect pulmonary function as well as exercise and quality of life(More)