Mario Marchese

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This paper proposes a system that allows recognizing a person's emotional state starting from audio signal registrations. The provided solution is aimed at improving the interaction among humans and computers, thus allowing effective human-computer intelligent interaction. The system is able to recognize six emotions(anger, boredom, disgust, fear,(More)
Designing efficient transmission mechanisms for advanced satellite networks is a demanding task, requiring the definition and the implementation of protocols and architectures well suited to this challenging environment. In particular, transport protocols performance over satellite networks is impaired by the characteristics of the satellite radio link,(More)
This paper presents a performance enhancing transport architecture for the satellite environment. This solution improves the network transport performance by overcoming the limits imposed by a transmission control protocol/Internet protocol (TCP/IP)-based stack suite, while maintaining the interfaces offered by it. This is an important issue since TCP/IP is(More)
The reference network is composed of a group of wireless sensors directly in view of a Cluster of Satellite Earth Stations (CoSES), which convey the information coming from the sensors to a destination Remote Monitoring Host (RMH). More than one Satellite Earth Station (SES), all in this letter, within the cluster receive the information packets but to(More)
The rising demand for multimedia services even in hazardous environments, such as space missions and military theatres, and the consequent need of proper internetworking technologies have revealed the performance limits experienced by TCP protocol over long-delay and lossy links and highlighted the importance of the communication features provided by the(More)
In view of future dense and complex space network topologies, the management of congestion control is a prominent issue that deserves a particular attention. Given the challenging peculiarities of the interplanetary environment, this paper focused on the advantages offered by storage-based routing and on potentials of implementing Random Early Detection(More)
The extension of the ATM (Asyncronous Transfer Mode) protocol stack to the wireless segment requires the introduction of a MAC (Medium Access Control) layer able to provide reliable connection services to the network layer. Two basic functions of the MAC layer are resource allocation and error control. In this paper we analyze these issues and consider a(More)