Mario Magliocco

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The unique ultrastructure of brain endothelial cells restricts nonspecific leakage of blood-borne molecules across the blood-brain barrier (bbb). Human barrier ultrastructure has not been studied extensively because of the rapid ultrastructural degeneration that takes place after death. We have obtained living, structurally normal neocortex and underlying(More)
The use of CO2 as a heat transfer fluid has been proposed as an alternative to water in enhanced geothermal systems (EGS). Numerical simulations have shown that under expected EGS operating conditions, CO2 could achieve more efficient heat extraction performance than water. We have conducted laboratory experiments with dry supercritical CO2 in order to test(More)
Communication reliability inWireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) is challenged by narrow-band interference and persistent multichannel fading. Frequency-agile communication protocols have been recently designed and standardized to increase reliability. These protocols, however, do not adapt the set of channels they hop on to the environment. In this paper, we(More)
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