Mario Macis

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Using longitudinal data on the entire population of blood donors in an Italian town, we examine how donors respond to a nonlinear award scheme that rewards them with symbolic prizes (medals) when they reach certain donation quotas. Our results indicate that donors significantly increase the frequency of their donations immediately before reaching the(More)
Most societies prohibit some market transactions based on moral concerns, even when the exchanges would benefit the parties involved and would not create negative externalities. A prominent example is given by payments for human organs for transplantation, banned virtually everywhere despite long waiting lists and many deaths of patients who cannot find a(More)
  • Luca Flabbi, Mario Macis, Andrea Moro, Fabiano Schivardi
  • 2014
We investigate the eect of female leadership on gender-specic wage distributions and rm performance using a unique Italian matched employer-employee panel data set. We nd that female executives increase the variance of women's wages within rms due to a positive impact on wages at the top of the distribution, and a negative impact on wages at the bottom.(More)
This paper analyzes the effects of a legislative provision that grants a one-day paid leave of absence to blood donors who are employees in Italy. The analysis is based on a unique database with the complete donation histories of the blood donors in an Italian town. The cross-sectional variation in job market status and type of employers, and job switching(More)
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