Mario Luiz Tronco

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Catadioptric Vision Systems have wide vision field of 360-degree of the environment explored, using combination of lenses and mirrors. It is commonly used in structured indoor environments with static obstacles and when submitted in applications operating in outdoor(and rural) environments, encourage arbitrary and various issues that affect the processing(More)
—The development of new technologies that use peer-to-peer networks grows every day, with the object to supply the need of sharing information, resources and services of databases around the world. Among them are the peer-to-peer databases that take advantage of peer-to-peer networks to manage distributed knowledge bases, allowing the sharing of information(More)
— Non-conventional database management systems are used to achieve a better performance when dealing with complex data. One fundamental concept of these systems is object identity (OID), because each object in the database has a unique identifier that is used to access and reference it in relationships to other objects. Two approaches can be used for the(More)
Computer vision, when used in open and unstructured environments as in the inspection of crops, requires the use of specific vision systems acquiring algorithms prepared for such situations. These algorithms work mainly with images composed of complex objects, textures, shadows and brightness. The present project aims to apply an omnidirectional vision(More)