Mario Lo Valvo

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Little attention has been paid to the consequences of the last landbridge between Africa and Sicily on Mediterranean biogeography. Previous paleontological and scarce molecular data suggest possible faunal exchange later than the well-documented landbridge in the Messinian (5.3 My); however, a possible African origin of recent terrestrial Sicilian fauna has(More)
Most studies on the mucosal immunity in female reproductive tissues have been performed in mammals. In all species, apart from their reproductive strategies, immunity in the genital mucosa is required to defend the host against luminal pathogens. In this study we investigated the role of the innate immunity of the oviductal mucosa of Xenopus laevis, an(More)
This paper reports on research conducted to elucidate the risk posed to the Sicilian population of the endangered lanner falcon Falco biarmicus feldeggii Schlegel by organochlorine (OC) pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), as part of a wider study on contaminant risk to the lanner. Seventeen lanner nest sites were studied in northern and central(More)
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