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Dimensions of the scala tympani were measured at eight different places of 1 3/4 turns of the cochlea, beginning at the round window. Height and width of the scala tympani do not decrease continuously but show enlargements in some places. The diameter of two types of cochlear implants were compared with the mean heights of the scala tympani. The data(More)
In large organizations the administration of access privileges (such as the assignment of an access right to a user in a particular role) is handled cooperatively through distributed administrators in various different capacities. A quorum may be necessary, or a veto may be possible for such a decision. In this paper we present two major contributions: We(More)
There are three major drawbacks of a centralized security administration in distributed systems: It creates a bottleneck for request handling, it tends to enforce homogeneous security structures in heterogeneous user groups and organizations, and it is a weak point in terms of security attacks, reliability, and fault tolerance. In this paper we introduce a(More)
Height and width of the scala vestibuli were measured on resin casts at seven different places, beginning at the round window up to 1 3/4 turns of the cochlea. These figures do not decrease continuously but are augmented at certain places. The sectional areas of both scales show the same result according to the transient increases of height and width.