Mario Lasseck

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The Bird Identification Task of the LifeCLEF 2014 lab is to automatically identify 501 different species in over 4000 audio recordings collected by amateur and expert ornithologists through a citizen sciences initiative. It is one of the biggest bird classification challenges so far considering the quality, quantity and variability of the recordings and the(More)
This paper presents a machine learning technique for bird species identification at large scale. It automatically identifies about a thousand different species in a large number of audio recordings and provides the basis for the winning solution to the LifeCLEF 2015 Bird Identification Task. To process the very large amounts of audio data and to achieve(More)
This working note describes methods to automatically identify a large number of different bird species by their songs and calls. It focuses primarily on new techniques introduced for this year’s task like advanced spectrogram segmentation and decision tree based feature selection during training. Considering the identification of dominant species, previous(More)
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