Mario La Rosa

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BACKGROUND Sublingual-swallow immunotherapy was recently recognized in the World Health Organization Position Paper (Allergen immunotherapy: therapeutic vaccines for allergic diseases) "as a viable alternative to parenteral injection therapy to treat allergic diseases" in adults. More controlled studies were required to assess the efficacy and safety of(More)
BACKGROUND Cow's milk allergy (CMA) in children is a important problem in medical practice. Oral desensitization has been proposed as a therapeutic approach, but current protocols are time-consuming and impractical. OBJECTIVES To establish a patient-friendly desensitization regimen with weekly up-dosing and to evaluate it in a randomized controlled trial.(More)
BACKGROUND Probiotics may be of help for the management of acute diarrhoea, however, the effect is strain specific and efficacy needs to be proven. AIM To test the efficacy and safety of Lactobacillus reuteri DSM 17938 derived from L. reuteri ATCC 55730 in children with acute diarrhoea. Primary outcomes were the rate of unresolved diarrhoea after 3 days(More)
After a two week baseline, 209 asthmatic children (mean age 10 years, range 6-17) were randomly allocated to receive 4 mg nedocromil sodium (n = 110) or placebo (n = 99) four times daily for 12 weeks in addition to their current treatment. The children completed daily diary cards and visited the clinic at four week intervals. Statistically significant(More)
The aim of this multi-centre prospective study was to evaluate the prevalence of systemic reactions to specific immunotherapy in children with allergic asthma and or rhinitis. One thousand and fifty-six children (653 boys and 403 girls), median age 8.5 years, were enrolled in this three-year prospective study. All the children were treated with injections(More)
Ocular allergy represents one of the most common conditions encountered by allergists and ophthalmologists. Allergic conjunctivitis is often underdiagnosed and consequently undertreated. Basic and clinical research has provided a better understanding of the cells, mediators, and immunologic events, which occur in ocular allergy. New pharmacological agents(More)
The importance of early life environmental influences on the etiology of asthma is implied by the observed geographic and temporal variation in the prevalence of the disease among children. There is evidence pointing to the role of exposure to allergen, various aspects of diet and hygiene-related factors in the etiology of asthma. There is also evidence(More)
Some studies showed that in celiac patients the immunological response to vaccination is similar to that one found in general population except for vaccine against hepatitis B virus (HBV). The non-responsiveness to HBV vaccine has also been described in healthy people, nevertheless the number of non-responders has been demonstrated to be higher in celiac(More)
We report on 2 children who had a stroke biologically related to Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection. Invasion of the central nervous system and an immune mechanism represent 2 pathogenesis pathways. Prompt macrolide therapy does not prevent stroke, but immediate and aggressive immunosuppressive treatment seems to help recovery.
During a multicentric study conducted in Southern Italy, we studied five sets of cystic fibrosis siblings bearing a strongly discordant liver phenotype, three with genotype DeltaF508/R553X, one with genotype DeltaF508/unknown, and one with genotype unknown/unknown. The siblings of each set were raised in the same family environment, and there were no(More)