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In recent years, companies have tried to realize efficiency gains of business process orientation by implementing business process automation (BPA) systems coordinating the interaction of existing function-oriented enterprise applications according to the logic of specific business processes. Additionally, business intelligence (BI) applications have been(More)
Customer investigations in the banking industry are carried out in connection with prosecutions, administration of estates or other legal actions. The Investigation & Inquiries department of Credit Suisse has to handle approximately 5000 customer investigations per year. So far, the investigation process was very complex, time consuming and costly: Several(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective was to review the published literature on seasonal influenza to assess the differences between complications and mortality rates for those adults at high risk of influenza complications, including the resource use of those hospitalized with influenza complications. METHODS A targeted literature review was performed using(More)
In business practice, data warehousing can be implemented on the basis of different architecture designs as well as being positioned within a company's organization in different ways. Although data ware-housing is practiced by a large number of big companies , as yet no standardized organizational form has emerged as a recognized best practice. Instead, the(More)
Der Beitrag beschreibt die Motivation und Ansätze zur Konzeption eines Corporate Knowledge Centers. Ein Corporate Knowledge Center ist ein System, das Entscheidungsprozesse im Management ganzheitlich unterstützt. Maß-gebliche Faktoren sind dabei die semantische Verknüpfung beliebig strukturierter Daten auf logischer Ebene durch Integration der Metadaten der(More)