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XML is a language frequently used for data representation and interchange in Web-based applications. In most cases, the XML documents must conform to a schema that defines the type of data that is accepted by a web application. In this sense, an error in the schema or in the XML document can lead to failures in the application; the use of testing(More)
The number of scientific publications is constantly increasing, and the results published on Empirical Software Engineering are growing even faster. Some software engineering publishers have begun to collaborate with research groups to make available repositories of software engineering empirical data. However, these initiatives are limited due to data(More)
Providing robust decision support for software engineering (SE) requires the collection of data across multiple contexts so that one can begin to elicit the context variables that can influence the results of applying a technology. However, the task of comparing contexts is complex due to the large number of variables involved. This works extends a previous(More)
Model Based Testing (MBT) is a functional testing technique that makes use of information from behavioral models of the software to carry out the testing task. This technique has been commonly used in testing of interactive systems, where the used model represents the system behavior reacting to user's actions. Finite State Machines (FSMs) are one of the(More)
Software in production may be utilized by users with diverse profiles. The way software is used affects the reliability perceived by its users; that is, software reliability may not be the same for different operational profiles. Two software reliability growth models based on structural testing coverage were evaluated with respect to their sensitivity to(More)