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Roget's Thesaurus has not been sufficiently appreciated in Natural Language Processing. We show that Roget's and WordNet are birds of a feather. In a few typical tests, we compare how the two resources help measure semantic similarity. One of the benchmarks is Miller and Charles' list of 30 noun pairs to which human judges had assigned similarity measures.(More)
Morris and Hirst [10] present a method of linking significant words that are about the same topic. The resulting lexical chains are a means of identifying cohesive regions in a text, with applications in many natural language processing tasks, including text summarization. The first lexical chains were constructed manually using Roget's International(More)
Much relevant information about activations and artifacts in a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) dataset can be obtained from an exploratory cluster analysis. In contrast to testing the significance of the measured experimental effect for a given model, unsupervised pattern recognition techniques, such as fuzzy clustering, often find unexpected(More)
With the advent of the Internet, inexpensive yet powerful computers and wide bandwidth, it is realistic to conceive that computer assisted negotiations will be a way of conducting business in the near future. The Inspire system [12], which has been in use for more than a half decade, facilitates this type of negotiations. The negotiation records are logged(More)
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